Konkan Retreat

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A Konkan retreat
Sometimes the unplanned trips are the best ones. After seeing some information on facebook about the turtle hatching at Velas in Konkan, I decided to go there as I was planning to take off from office. Asked few of my photographer friends and plan was ON. I searched for stay options and finally we decided to go to Velas and Anjarle. 
So me, Anand, Anis and Raman were all set to go to Konkan... Yo :)
Day 1
So we decided to leave early by 7am. All came to my home and parked their bikes and then we started the journey in my car. Petrol filled up and air pressure checked and we were all pumped up for the trip. Loud music got everyone going. Soon we stopped to stash something in our tummies and we had some awesome misal and lovely tea at Paud village. 
After that we took the following path:- 

Paud - Mulshi - Tamhini - Lonere- Mangaon - Birwadi- Mhapral - Mandangad - Kelshi phata- Velas 
Just before reaching Velas, we stopped before Bankot where we got the first glimpse of the creek and we all started clicking and afterwards it was a nice beach side drive to reach Velas. 
So we searched for the home-stay by Mr. Sameer Padlekar (8652541817) where we decided to stay. As soon as we reached there, we had a very tasty lunch. The rooms were also clean and good service. Remember these are not hotels or resorts but home-stays, so don't expect luxury. We took some rest and left for the beach to see the turtle hatching. We spent some time clicking photos before reaching the beach and so we missed the part when they set the turtles free. Only 1 turtle hatched that time and was released in the sea. Anyways we had 1 more chance to see it next morning, so we decided to wake up early next morning and come straight to beach to experience it. So then we spent lot of time on the beach doing sunset photography and then long exposure photos of the rocks and waves. So we were on the beach till it became dark and then we decided to leave. It was a long walk till the parking and it was completely dark, so it was quite a thrilling walk back to the car. Once we reached we saw lots of stars in the sky. It was completely dark and stars were very bright. So we decided to do some star photography. Captured some star trails photo. Then we left and had tasty dinner where we stayed.  


Day 2
Next morning we woke up early and had tea and straightaway left for the beach at 6.30am. We reached there on time. This time 3 turtles hatched and were ready to release in the sea. We all were geared up to capture them in our cameras and we got some nice shots. We saw their journey into the sea. They went back where they belong. If you want to experience it yourself, do visit Velas. You can get more info here

After that we captured some crabs in our cameras and did some timepass stuff as well on the beach. It was fun. Then we did some portrait fun photography and left back to room. 

After having breakfast we checked out from the room and left for Anjarle. The drive just before reaching Anjarle was again awesome. Beach side road going till Anjarle village. We saw  mountains with lovely clean landscape beyond which one can see the endless ocean and also the Anjarle beach can be seen. We decided that after having lunch and some rest we will come here during sunset. We hunted for a good restaurant to eat and finally reached "Bawa resort" and had lovely food there. After filling our tummies we checked in at "Ketki Beach Resort" in Anjarle. It is a big resort with lots of plantation. There are lots of rooms and I had asked for the beach front room. So we headed directly there and we were happy to see the room as it was right in front of beach. We took rest for sometime and went on the beach and had lots of fun in the sea. So this was the first time we went in water during our trip. After enjoying in water, we took bath and got ready, had snacks and left to roam around. We went to the same hill from where we got awesome view of the ocean. We captured lots of photos there. Long exposure photos of waves hitting the rocks, waves coming the beach and also sun setting at the horizon. 

We were there till it became pitch dark. We also did night photography and captured the Anjarle landscape and also stars. 
We then moved from there and went back to the resort. After having dinner we did timepass on the beach. I had carried lots of steel wool for some fire photography experiments. Anis and Raman also got some new steel wool in the Anjarle Market and few ropes. So we started doing TP stuff on the beach. We created some nice designs with the steel wool. Everyone got nice photos. Anis had carried a laser with him also. He did some light painting. Overall it was fun. It was satisfying because we were able to get the results which I wanted.

Then we chilled out for some time. Raman collected some woods and he and Anis created camp fire. It was fun. In the meanwhile, I took few star trails shot. Then we started sharing few spooky stories. Anand shared few of his stories. It was nice time being spent. We were on the beach till 2Am. Then we went in the room and slept and this way the day ended. 
Day 3
Next morning we had breakfast and checked out and went to Harne. Stopped on the hill side road where we had awesome view of whole Anjarle beach and also the Suvarnadurg fort near Harne. We clicked lots of photos.

Then we went to Harne port. Again lots of photos of fishermen boats etc. After that we had lovely lunch at Hotel Malati in Harne. Pompfret was looking yummy, even though I am veggie, I clicked photos of the fish on my mobile and shared instantly with my friends on whatsapp. Overall the mobile network is not good in Velas and Anjarle. In harne, the network was better. So after lunch we left for Pune. We took the following path while returning:-  
Harne - Dapoli - Mahad - Varandha Ghat - Bhor - Pune.
We spent some time in Varandha ghat clicking photos and had tea and pakodas.

Later we stopped at Kailash bhel and had lovely milk shakes. 
So we reached Pune well before time and the journey was also very nice. I had amazing time to drive 500+ KMs. We were all satisfied with all the places, food and stay.
So our 3days and 2nights trip to Konkan ended with some lovely memories with amazing people. 

Life is a journey and not destination.  :) :) 

Please click here to see all the Konkan trip photos. 




Nice click guys. I like above images.
Very true. Sometimes unplanned trip are the best ones. I went to kudal in Sindhudurg with my friends in monsoon season. Konkan was magical in the monsoon. We enjoyed food at Sindhudurg Palace Resort hotel. It was an unforgeatble memory in our life.
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