I have known Rupesh since college days and have always followed his photo updates on FB. When it was time to find a photographer for my son's 1st birthday, my first thought was to get Rupesh on board (hoping for a good friend discount :) )
The photos came out very well and was 
appreciated by all my friends and family.
Thanks Rupesh for all the 
memories! -  Vikas Deshpande






A great guy to work with. When I first saw his work, I was really amazed.. Could not imagine a software engineer with this much talent in photography.. Really a blessed guy with co-ordination skills, confident and motivated to take up challenges. His adaptability and ability to work as a team is simply great. And above all a wonderful guy at heart. 
I am really glad that I worked with you and would like to work again soon... 

Thank you - Saheli Aich


Hey world this is the most amazing photographer I have ever met. He has a made a wonderful and most precious event that is my sister's wedding more memorable and beautiful. A very big thanks to him. Every picture has an emotion to express, has a thought and lovely memory behind it and he made everything look more divine. We all have got just smiles and smiles after watching every picture. 
Great clicks and wishing him all the best for his future. 
Thank you - Bhagyashree Togar (Bride's sister) 
First of all I would like to say thanks for being patient with a very demanding person like me ;)  
You welcomed all our suggestions. We had 3 sessions of photo shoots and I must say we enjoyed all of them fully. Y
ou have captured our emotions so effectively that we can live forever in our wedding moments..
Our pictures will be a lasting reminder of how special the day was and how wonderful it was to work with you. Rupesh is more than a friend to us than a photographer. 
Thanks a lot for everything and all the best for your future endeavours
                                                ~ Anupriya & Kaustubh

Had an amazing experience with RUPESH, entire team was fantastic. RUPESH was very patient on all three days of the ceremony as we were behind schedule and as it happens in shadi ka ghar sab kuch ulta seedha tha
But he was very calm and clicked some amazing pictures.

Thank you RUPESH
                                                       ~ Parichit & Nisha
Beautifully captured best phase of life..!! Awesome photography..!! Thanks a lot!! :) 
                                                    ~ Neha Mirpagar


Big fan of his works...great guy and a brilliant photographer !

~ Sourav Kumar Das


I have seen Rupesh rising with his photography from last 6 years. Dedication towards our hobby is the most difficult thing for the busy corporate life, but RJ has proved that if you invest your time in your hobby or your interest, it will bring you the greatest wealth. Amazing skills, unbelievable dedication and the extreme desire to achieve the best makes him outstanding photographer!! Keep it up Rupesh!! :)

~ Dhanashree Bhosale Pethkar